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Honestly, I don't know who will win the 60,000,000 Million Naira Cash Prize for this year's BBNaija show.

But here's what I know;

Whoever that person is...

It's not you!

Or are you one of the housemates?

A little bit about some of the  2019 housemates...

1. Mike Edwards

This one is an olympic athlete and the CEO of the first black-owned cigar company in the UK.

...and rumor has it that he owns a Rolls Royce!

One Rolls Royce costs around $300,000!

And before you argue whether it is his own or not tobacco business is like blood money... go do your research!

2. Dr. Seyi Awolowo

This one is a medical doctor and the grandson of the late Obafemi Awolowo and he has said that their family can stand before anyone including the Queen!

His pictures with Dangote and Tinubu have emerged online.

No further comments.

3. Khafi Kareem

This one is a police constable in London earning around 35,000 Pounds per annum... slightly over 15,000,000 Naira per year!

Even me too I don't know what she is doing on BBNaija.

Two Bitter Truths...

Bitter Truth #1 -

67% of BBNaija Fans hate their jobs!



23% are jobless and cannot even afford to pay their own rent and their dSTV subscription!


100% OF bBNaija Viewers want to make more money!

No Worries...

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